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Education goes global

What was a complex UX project meant we needed someone who would really understand what we were aiming for and would be able to lead us on the design. Hybrid Studio produced a large suite of layouts for us and a UI toolkit which enabled us to push forward and fully develop the platform.

Having worked together before we knew we could trust them to deliver premium quality. They made the process very easy for us and their work proved invaluable in helping us grow to the stage we are at today.

Darren Hughes

Director, Pamoja

Pamoja wanted to change the way the world learns.

Pamoja is an education technology company who deliver the world-renowned International Baccalaureate. They had an idea – they wanted to use technology to create learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

So Hybrid Studio helped to connect students and teachers

Pamoja had already explored UX and user journeys, the branding was done and wireframes produced. Now they needed it all pulled together by digital design experts. So they called on Hybrid Studio.

We worked with their UX team to create a consistent, on-brand UI design. Together, we designed the cutting edge education software, providing a suite of templates, across a range of screen sizes, and produced a digital style guide. Pamoja were then able to take this toolkit and build their web app, knowing they had everything they needed.


Services we provided

over seas and across continents.

The result was a virtual classroom. Students join a class of up to 35 learners – from all around the world – in a live lesson. They can interact with their classmates and teacher, and have their questions answered straight away. Materials and resources are also available on the learning platform for individual study in their own time.

And then… Pamoja’s network expanded

with an unprecedented momentum. In 2009, Pamoja launched the largest International Baccalaureate diploma programme online and it has been growing ever since.

Pamoja now teach thousands of students from hundreds of schools, promoting student responsibility and success while supporting schools’ blended learning strategies.

They’ve recently developed their new ‘School Taught’ courses that enable teachers to flip their classroom and students can access International Baccalaureate lessons and resources via their online platform, encouraging new learning opportunities.