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Milestones Trust

Bringing life to a trusted charity

The new Milestones Trust website showcases the pioneering work that we do here, in a more engaging and dynamic way than before. It provides a more distinct navigation path for people in need of our services. At the same time, it aides us in attracting the best possible care professionals.

Hybrid Studio were incredibly professional to work with (and continue to be so!) and I’d highly recommend them. They made the process very easy for us and we’re delighted with the results.

Caroline Flynn

Head of Communications and Marketing, Milestones Trust

Imagine there is someone you love who needs help.

You want nothing more than for them to live a happy and fulfilled life. Now imagine the emotional strain of trying to find the help that could allow them to do this.

Supporting people with mental health issues, dementia, learning disabilities and complex behavioural needs has never been easy.

Milestones Trust provides services including residential care, short breaks, supported living and arts programmes. They aim to change lives ‘one milestone at a time’. They needed a new brand with a clear and relevant voice, and a website that is simple to use with information that is easy to find. One of the toughest milestones is finding the help in the first place.

So we helped in the way we know how, through digital communication.

Clout Branding created a fresh visual identity that gives a true reflection of Milestones’ creative and positive approach to changing lives. Working closely with Clout, we consulted on the design and site architecture to ensure it all worked seamlessly when we built the new site.

We gave this sensitive topic the positive outlook it deserved.

The new website is simple, accessible and clear. Vital information is now easy to find and Milestones Trust’s ambition and belief in their goals shines through.