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The Executives’ Association of Great Britain

21st century makeover for historic organisation

The Executives’ Association of Great Britain (EAGB) needed a new website and payment platform for managing membership and taking lunch meeting payments. Tom Latham, Hybrid Studios, a fellow member of the EAGB, helped us to create our new branding, website, and payment system.

The EAGB Board were very happy with the outcomes, not only did we get a new website, with great new branding, but Tom was able to reduce our administration costs and the time it took to manage the membership significantly. His knowledge on all things digital is second to none.

The Board

The Executives’ Association of Great Britain

Established in 1929, the Executives’ Association of Great Britain is one of the oldest running business networking groups in London.

It is an exclusive peer-to-peer forum where like minded business leaders meet regularly to learn from and support each other.

With no design or development skillset in-house, they were using a DIY website builder platform and keeping all membership data in spreadsheets with a single gatekeeper for all systems. This way of working was outdated, inflexible and generally a real pain.

We worked closely with the EAGB board to define the key objectives for a new website.

It had to:

  • present the organisation in a more professional manner in order to attract the right calibre of attendee
  • take payments for membership and monthly events
  • automatically handle membership renewals
  • be simple to use – for events, members and news content to be updated regularly
  • provide monthly data for event management
  • provide monthly data output for accounting
  • automate processes wherever possible
  • be fully set up for SEO optimisation
  • increase enquiries and ultimately people attending and joining the EAGB

We started by refining the outdated logo to work better digitally. We simplified and refined the colour palette and changed the font so it would work at all sizes.

The power of a brand colour

Purple exudes the qualities we wanted to convey – quality, luxury, exclusivity. But the shades in use weren’t right and cheapened the overall aesthetic. We made the purple deeper, richer, more luxurious. We revised the remaining palette, and selected a suitable font pairing and a suite of images that would work together to elevate the brand.


Modern, efficient and future proof

We designed and built a WordPress website with full eCommerce functionality that ticks all the boxes.

The membership system is now fully automated – registration, payment, renewal and invoicing.

Key staff members can access and output crucial data for event and member management – from a single central location at any time, instead of from across multiple spreadsheets.

Saving time and generating revenue

The accounts team can access data when they need to without having to ask for it first.

The website is easy to maintain while retaining design aesthetic and maintaining brand integrity. It is set up with scalability and SEO optimisation in mind from the outset so it can grow with the organisation.

The new site saves the EAGB hours and hours of work per month that was previously done manually – and all presented in a visual style much more befitting for an organisation with such a rich history.

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