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Innovation Group

Unifying a global brand across continents

We are now able to speak to our customers across multiple languages while maintaining a consistently high quality brand throughout.

It has transformed the way we work and the way our customers perceive us. Hybrid deliver on time and on budget. They are proactive, intelligent problem solvers who are easy to work with and make my job easier.

Joanne Hadden

Head of Brand, Innovation Group

We needed to develop a robust website strategy that would give us plenty of flexibility to add new regional websites and content specific pages targeted at different audiences, as and when required.

Hybrid Studio really understood this multi-faceted challenge and have given us a seamless platform from which we can continue to integrate the brand.

Michael Smith

Creative Director, Clout Branding

A global organisation

Innovation Group’s 3,300 employees span Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, India, North America, Poland, South Africa, Spain and the UK. The organisation serves over 1,200 clients, including 75% of the world’s top general insurers.

with a fragmented online identity

Innovation Group experienced massive growth when it acquired multiple businesses across the world – each with its own identity, its own website and its own way of working.

and outdated website with no clear message.

Innovation Group’s existing site was dated. It wasn’t clear what services they offered or to who, and it didn’t reflect what they were doing or where they wanted to go.

So we went back to the drawing board.

Innovation Group’s branding agency Clout, unified the organisation under one brand and we consulted on content structure and design, ensuring that it would translate to the web across all devices. A site of this magnitude required a huge amount of planning.

Phase one:
Global site launched in six different languages

Phase two:
Ten regional sub-sites added, each in their own native language

Long-term thinking was paramount

We ensured the site would be flexible and expandable. It can be adapted to meet the needs of each region. And it is scalable so we can add additional functionalities and features in the future such as video players, forms, interactive maps and sub-sites.

for this truly global project.

We worked across continents, coordinating the project with North America (Canada and US), UK, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Poland, South Africa and Australia. We tailored the site to suit each distinct market and region. The regional sub-sites vary according to their requirements and each region has access to its own content, all subject to approval by a single global administrator.

Average page visits per month

with a site built for clarity, speed and scalability.

We zipped, cached, concatenated, compiled, deployed, un-duplicated, minified, optimised, compressed and reduced. Every file and every character of code went under the microscope. So the website is sleek and fast. Customers can now find key information quickly.

Problem solved. On time and on budget.


Different languages

Missed deadlines