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Connecting with global customers

The new website has provided a robust bridge between bigHead and its customers, with our message delivered in a clear and consistent way. Through effective use of SEO, we have also gained exposure due to increased visibility of the website.

Hybrid have a professional approach, prompt reaction to requests and quick delivery. Their quality is always outstanding. Highly recommended partner.

Szilárd Lakatos

Technical Sales & Marketing Supervisor, bigHead

As if Daleks, yachts, super cars and space rockets weren’t enough,

bigHead is a manufacturer of specialist fasteners that go into high-tech carbon fibre structures. The have worked with design engineers for some of the world’s most exciting and innovative projects.

bigHead had its sights set on the mass automotive market.

As demand for lighter, more environmentally friendly carbon fibre car bodies grew, bigHead needed a new more relevant brand and an online presence worthy of its global audience. bigHead‘s branding agency Clout, identified the website as one of bigHead’s three main touch points, along with print and exhibition. After Clout developed a new identity for the organisation around a single idea, ‘liberating potential’, we stepped in on the digital front.

They needed a specialist website fit for their expert clientele.

Using the new brand and designs, Hybrid created a multi-language website. The new site allows design engineers from world-class companies to select the specifications, materials and design perfect for their project, from hundreds of combinations.

Saving time and money through automation

Clients can request sample drawings and technical resource documents or download them directly from the site. This saves time and reduces the workload for bigHead, and is much more convenient for their customers.

Today, bigHead have the global respect they deserve.

The new brand, coupled with a state-of-the-art digital presence, has empowered bigHead to identify itself as a partner and collaborator to the world’s most respected engineers. bigHead are seen as the trusted experts in the science of speed, security, safety and trench – on Earth and beyond!


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